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mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing: A Chance to be Relevant

Toys are fun things to have. And surely (or hopefully), you got to play with them as a kid. If not, you can always budget for some now, given the newfound freedoms and insights of adulthood… OK, therapy session’s over. Let’s talk about mobile marketing and why, for any serious company, it ought to be…

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How Content Marketing Drives e-Commerce Sales

The times when manufacturing a first-class product was enough to grasp attention of a target audience are behind us. It is all because of the Internet. Now having a great product is only one feature in the multitude of online e-commerce sales requirements. People who shop via the Internet these days want to be treated…

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traditional marketing versus digital marketing

Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing

What would you go for, traditional marketing or  digital marketing? Whether you opt to use a traditional marketing approach or digital marketing there is no doubt that marketing is an essential part of running a successful business. Without it you cannot reach your customers!

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Content Marketing: It’s Not Just for Marketers Anymore

Sorry Mad Men fans, the Don Draper marketing style of overlaying catchy slogans on sexy images that convinced customers to buy cigarettes or toaster ovens is gonzo. While words and visuals are still important, and a bit of whiskey can still help if you’re stuck for ideas, marketing in the 21st century is a fundamentally…

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Smart Content

Smart Content: How New Technologies Personalize Experiences

If customers could say one thing to your company, it would be this: They’re fed up with your generic, one-size-fits-all content. In fact, they’re leaving your website and they’re not coming back. Seem harsh? Sure — it’s a dog-eat-dog world where Internet-based start-ups compete with established brands and consumers are fried from information overload. They’re…

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Is Mobile App or Mobile Web necessary?

When it comes to mobile marketing, choosing a mobile app or mobile website for your business, the decision may not be as straightforward as it might seem. While the world is going mobile, there is no argument that you need some way to connect with your mobile customers. The mode that you choose depends on…

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Content Curation

Content that Sells: Curate and Convert

Today, there’s so much web content out there that we’re at the point of suffocation. The internet is continuing to grow at a fast rate and content is keeping up with this rat-race. As content marketers we’re faced with a burning question- what do we do with all the content available? How do we stand…

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A Case for Visual Content Marketing

It’s not easy being a content marketer. Readers’ fight or flight response to content is downright depressing. Really, how effective can you be in a world of 8-second attention spans? Not very … unless you give them something to look at, too. Customers want riveting visuals. If you don’t deliver, they will find someone who…

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