3 Ways To Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day With Real-Time Content

Sara Muchnick

Sara is the Community Manager @ Roojoom. She enjoys all content everything, SEO, marketing best practices, and Louisiana hot sauce.

3 Ways To Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day With Real-Time Content

Saint Patrick’s Day: a holiday stuffed with tradition, indulgence, and Irish culture. One thing’s for sure, March 17th is a very happy day. This is not just an opportunity to celebrate through parades and food (and of course, many many drinks), but an opportunity to celebrate through content. Publishing real-time content related to St. Paddy’s will help you keep up with your audience.

Real-time content is not only a fun approach but also a statistically beneficial one. Chris Kerns, director of analytics and social data research at Spredfast, conducted an in-depth real-time content study that revealed that marketers who dipped their toes in real-time marketing saw the number of retweets climb by an average of 143%. In fact, recent marketing data published by Adobe has told us that 77% of marketers find real-time content to be crucial to any given strategy.

So you need to get involved, and you need to get involved fast. But don’t worry, the common conviction that real-time content must be created on the spot is actually a myth. In fact, most marketers approach this tactic with anticipatory planning and strategizing. What’s unique about content in “real-time” is twofold: one, it has been personalized based on consumer behavior and unique events and two, it is executed at the most opportune time. Publishing content at a time optimized for communication has been shown to increase sales by 25%, engagement by 81%, and conversion by 51%.  And it’s as simple as it sounds: all you have to do is mold your content to fit the holiday happenings, then post it when the holiday happenings are…well, happening. How to start, you ask? Here are 3 ways to celebrate St. Paddy’s day with real-time content.

1. Give Your Audience A Hearty Laugh

This holiday is not only one of remembrance but also one of dancing, parades, and happiness. These positive vibes aren’t just incidental, they’re part of the Irish tradition.  In the spirit of celebration and parades, light-hearted fun, and the silliness that always end up defining St. Paddy’s Day, many brands seize the day as an opportunity to lighten up their content with relevant, real-time holiday humor.

Guinness even markets the holiday as “the happiest day of the year” and has drafted many successful campaigns around smiling on March 17th. Check out their commercial and other happy strategies that will make it impossible to fight that grin.

2. Entertain: Wine & Dine

St. Paddy’s day is also known as The Feast of Saint Patrick. This is a concept that is definitely not taken lightly in Irish culture: those celebrating do so with a plethora of beer, Irish soda bread, corned beef, and cabbage galore. “Plethora” may even be too light of a word: they practically shower in the stuff. After all, the traditional holiday celebration is in part defined by gluttony and overconsumption to exuberantly commemorate the very foundations of the Irish Catholic religion (source).

This is the perfect opportunity to tailor your content accordingly. Get into the holiday groove by giving your content that indulgent edge.

Here are two amazing examples of how Buzzfeed  (pictured left) and Better Homes and Gardens Magazine (pictured right) mixed this theme of endless flowing food and drinks with their Pinterest campaigns to create a unique, real-time content delights for their audience:

real-time content Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 10.53.33 AM

3. Invite Your Audience To Your Parade

Given that Saint Patrick’s Day is originally a religious holiday (only growing to be celebrated culturally and recreationally), there’s an undeniable sense of hospitality and camaraderie every March 17th. Everyone- Irish or not- is invited to partake (or even lead) the festivities, which often end up including entire cities of people. This is a special and amazing feature of the holiday. So special and amazing that it would be a crime to withhold it from your marketing approach.

Applying this hospitality to your content can mean a variety of things: celebratory promotions, green-themed events, charitable campaigns, what have you. All of the specialized real-time content on St. Paddy’s Day inevitably will come in different shapes and sizes, but regardless of your content’s shape and size…frame it as an invitation. Join in on the tradition of open arms by opening your brand’s doors.

Being inviting isn’t just for you to exude the holiday spirit, it’s actually a proven advantage: special offers entice your audience to increase engagement and begin their journey through your funnel. A survey conducted by the social media influencer agency, Clever Girls Collected, shows that 34% of women, on average, are influenced by special offers on Facebook & Twitter. In fact, limited time offers tend to outperform ongoing promotions by 8%. St. Paddy’s day is a perfect time to cash in on the opportunity and give your audience the luck of the Irish.


Any time to celebrate a holiday is an opportunity to celebrate your brand. All instances of real-time content can improve customer experience by 73% and improve brand perception by 52%, so why not carpe diem and grab your pot of gold?