Expected Social Media Trends in 2016

Varun Sharma

Digital marketing expert, researcher & observer, working for KVR WebTech Pvt. Ltd.

Expected Social Media Trends in 2016

As social media are making hell lot of challenges nowadays, what trends are you looking for in 2016? Everybody anticipates that specific platforms will present certain overhauls, however, it’s imperative to comprehend the more extensive setting behind such consequences in a more extensive sense.

Advertisers are offering a better platform to go up the challenge of making sense of how to get the best results from these trends, that is getting an expanding measure of resources as well as attention. Before using the trends, one must envision the “why” that rouses such changes so as to improve a spot in the social media marketing with audience attentions.

Expected Social Media Trends

Look at the five trends to watch in the year 2016 identifying with business and social media;

  1. Snapchat
  • Snapchat is the new social media tool that advertisers are looking at off, despite the fact that on the internet and social networking terms, it’s have been around since 2011.
  • S. President Barack Obama and The White House planned to begin their own Snapchat channel at the beginning of the year. From there and then, Snapchat became popular social media.
  • This platform is not just for kids or celebrities, however, it is turning out to be a major hit for organizations that are trying to make a good relation with their audience or client.
  • It can send numerous images, including those from your camera roll. You can even send them while you’re in a mid of your call.
  • In conclusion, SnapChat presented Auto-Advance Stories, which is clear as crystal. When you complete a Story, the next one will start naturally. You can swipe to skip ahead or pull down to exit.


  1. Live Video Streaming
  • It is expected that Live Video Streaming will be in trend this year. It was observed that over the past few years, there’s a constant increase in the number of people who watch recordings on an internet. This trend will proceed for both live streaming content as well as video-on-demand. For example, Twitter has introduced new improved timline feature and also Facebook has expanded live video to all US iphone users.
  • Promoting added to online videos has the most astounding click-through-rate of any type of online advertising at around 1.84 percent. We guess that this trend will drive an expansion in video advertising in 2016 as more business exploit video change rates and the capacity to target clients taking into account topic.
  • Better execution of video conventions, better pressure, and quicker speed of the internet are all making spilling on social media more normal. Hence, we hope to see all the more live streaming occurring on social media in 2016.


  1. Instant Articles
  • Instant Articles technology, dispatched by Facebook, permits publishers to publish instantly content on Facebook. Basically, the organization’s content management system interfaces specifically with Facebook and can consistently publish new content as it is prepared to make public.
  • Instant Articles join a Facebook’s yearning for a smoother client involvement with a gigantic advantage to its business. The system viably bans the ways out from Facebook.
  • A continuous wait for a web page to slowly load and open can make you lose temper. Well! In that case, Instant Articles keep individuals inside Facebook’s greenery enclosure where they see advertisements and an interface with companions.
  • Through instant articles, Facebook is welcoming publishers to get in touch with them for data about getting to be Instant Articles publishers. The likelihood is genuine that Instant Articles will be significantly more available by end of year 2016.


 Instant Article

  1. Improved Ad Targeting
  • In 2016, rather than quantity, there will be more focus on quality. Social media is expecting enhanced Ads on a couple of good Ads.
  • Facebook will say no to such advertisement industry, which creates a great deal of awful promotions. Ad blocker-armed consumers gave a mighty indication of this in 2015.
  • In 2016, dynamic sponsors, organizations and publishers will take this input to heart with an attention on delivering more applicable and fewer ads.
  • From an imaginative angle, agencies will start to receive a more liquid thought of what precisely they’re making. Instead of creating static pieces, agencies will influence new advancements to manufacture inventive structures that let advertisements self-collect based on a huge number of inborn.
  • By automating a great part of the snort work included in making a large number of various advertisements to match a great many situations, creativity will acquire the space with their ability.


  1. Virtual Reality
  • 2016 will be an imperative year for more extensive groups of onlookers understanding what virtual reality is all about. Some might not have ever known about it. There will be a time when we on the whole understand the estimation of virtual reality, and that is something other than what’s expected. The giant of the internet, Facebook, has obtained Oculus VR, which is considered as the leader in virtual reality technology.
  • Virtual Reality has turned into a business item where individuals have just envisioned the estimation of Virtual Reality in the customer business sector. Whether Virtual Reality will locate a killer app, or at most-prominent use case stays to be seen, yet there will be a creative feeling of what individuals want to do with Virtual Reality gadgets.
  • There will be an expanded spotlight on Virtual Reality content in gaming and entertainment, and in addition the improvement of customer level 360-degree cameras for novice virtual-reality shooting.


Thus, these days social media trends are getting very much popular among the masses. This year, let yourself updated with these expected 5 trends and be a winner!

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