How Content Marketing Drives e-Commerce Sales

Oscar Waterworth

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How Content Marketing Drives e-Commerce Sales

The times when manufacturing a first-class product was enough to grasp attention of a target audience are behind us. It is all because of the Internet. Now having a great product is only one feature in the multitude of online e-commerce sales requirements. People who shop via the Internet these days want to be treated like personalities, rather than mere consumers. What can convince them that your products are exactly what they need is producing engaging content that wins attention and calls to action.

People who shop via the Internet these days want to be treated like personalities, rather than mere consumers.

Storytelling in a new Context

Modern e-commerce sales businesses are expected to play a seduction game with their current and potential buyers. If you startle them by an aggressive approach, they are most likely to leave your website and find what they need in another place. Because of that, commercial websites need to literally write a story that will sell their products. If visitors are talked into buying certain products through entertaining and enticing stories, they will bookmark your website for some future purchases, too. Moreover, this textual-visual story has to be adapted for different devices. Such a compromise solution should ensure that every commercial website has a growing traffic rate, as well as high revenue. Learn more about responsive storytelling in an analysis brought by Forbes.

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Video-driven Virality

The main goal of every business is to become recognized in as many media as possible. An e-commerce website can do a lot to boost its virality through video content. A great advantage of running an e-commerce business in the present and the future is the availability of devices that can make incredible videos. What business owners and their associates need to do is to come up with original ideas for those videos. For instance, the traffic-inducing, storytelling tactic from the first paragraph can be applied in video content. The result could be short movies that present a product or any special events your business has prepared.

Moreover, bear in mind that the videos that are meant to go viral should not be too long. brings an interesting insight into the theory of video virality, developed by Stephen Volz and Fritz Grobe.

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Suggestive Text and Optimization

Content can be perceived from several points of view. On one side, we have analysts who claim that Internet users cannot focus on larger posts. They recommend shorter copies and abundance of enticing images. On the other side there are modern marketers who claim that long copies are equally attractive, if not even more productive for e-commerce websites. The key feature here is the nature of content. Relevant and exciting posts will keep your readers’ attention for a long time. Also, content has to be cleverly organized, so that it functions hand in hand with web analytics. Business owners need to expand their knowledge of Google analytics and search engines by seeking professional assistance and help. As we can see in some of the case studies by Online Marketing Gurus, a combination of content marketing and link building proved to be most successful. Moreover, fine optimization has to be associated by ingenious copywriters and experienced experts. Their narrative skills and knowledge will serve as substantial leverage to increase sales on your website.

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Hashtag Power

If an e-commerce business has a new product, it will hardly become the cash cow without the influence of social media. While images and ordinary posts can do their share of work, the entire campaign will have a stronger impact if you utilize the power of hashtags. The smartest thing you can do is to newsjack the current trends and give your business a hashtag boost. For instance, if you sell furniture, it would be useful to go with #furniture to target the audience looking for such products. All major social media support the use of hashtags. This e-commerce strategy will generate more leads for your commercial website.

When the quality of products a website sells and its content are in harmony, the entire enterprise will develop in a desired way. Business owners should test different marketing strategies to see which ones work best for their needs. The ones discussed in this text are extremely practical, but they are just the tip of the iceberg. Trends are constantly changing, so business owners have to learn about modern content strategies to keep pace with the growing e-commerce market.