The Limitations of Content Marketing

Daniel Glickman

CMO at Roojoom. Blogger, Keynote Speaker.

The Limitations of Content Marketing

If you’re skeptical of the campaign promises of content marketing companies, you’re not alone. A 478% increase in brand engagement? A 734% higher social click-through rate?! Really?

To be honest, these numbers sounds like the same brand of fairy tale that we hear about lower taxes and higher wages from U.S. presidential hopefuls this time of year.

So, is there a limit to how much content marketing can do? Let’s take a closer look through the lens of lead generation.


Lead Generation with Content Marketing

Content marketing companies have some truly amazing statistics to back up their claims of expertise. One of Triblio’s clients claimed a 37% lead increase in target accounts, while TrenDemon boasts as much as a 167% increase in leads within just 4 days.

Those are life-changing numbers for many companies. An increase in leads is guaranteed to lead to more sales, which is ultimately the goal of content marketing, and marketing in general. But in our experience, when companies discover content marketing — and especially the effects of personalized content — they get a little over-eager. What they often don’t realize is that like Rome, your marketing revolution can’t be built in a day.

Lead Generation Limitation

Quality = Quantity?

A study from Ascend2 found that 70% of companies cite improving the quality of leads as their number one marketing objective while increasing the quantity of leads placed number three on the list. That makes sense; companies should be wary of increasing their number of leads too quickly for two main reasons:


  1. As any great Roman orator would say: Content marketing must be in scale with your business.

Simply racking up leads isn’t worth much if your sales reps can’t handle the massive influx of incoming calls. If salespeople are sweating over their phones, the leads you’ve generated will probably take their business elsewhere so that they won’t have to listen to dated lounge music for 20 minutes while waiting to talk to a human being.

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  1. While the sky’s the limit for the number of leads that content marketing can generate, that’s only half the battle of a successful marketing strategy.

There’s a big difference between leads that are on the fence and leads that are ready to buy now. You know that, right? Content marketing tools that promise an astronomical leap in the number of leads you generate but never mention an accompanying increase in conversion rates should be eyed with caution. Often times, these tactics produce a top-heavy content funnel where more potential buyers are roped in with eye-grabbing visuals or an abundance of CTAs, only to slip through the cracks before they buy due to a dearth of lackluster content further along in the customer journey.

Securing an uptick in leads is easy enough with personalized content marketing, but once you have the numbers, you have to keep up momentum to cinch a sale. Great content marketing doesn’t just get buyers interested, it builds strong relationships by following them along at every touch point in the customer journey. Showing those newly-generated leads a bit of personalized TLC is the only way to convert them into lifelong customers. Don’t let them slip away.