Roojoom Launches Customer Journey Management Platform

Daniel Glickman

CMO at Roojoom. Blogger, Keynote Speaker.

Roojoom Launches Customer Journey Management Platform

Boston and Tel Aviv: An innovator in Personal Journey Hubs, Roojoom is reinventing the way businesses that manage complex customer maps and journeys, increase customer value.

“Given the extremely intricate and potentially infinite personalization metrics of the companies we now cater to—SKY, BMW, and Bouygues Telecom, just to name a few—we begin by changing the language these enterprises use,” Roojoom CEO Yuval Shemesh says. “For our clients, the term ‘Customer Journey’ is no longer sufficient. In a world where customers are increasingly seeking meaningful and long-lasting relationships with the brands they engage with, we build our solutions around the following equation: Customer Journey + Customer Experience = Customer Journey Management.

Roojoom is bringing about a major breakthrough in large enterprise mindset and management in the form of its Customer Journey Management Platform.

“Although many companies are collecting record volumes of customer data and creating detailed Customer Journey maps, many report they cannot figure out how to take advantage of the information they have so painstakingly acquired” says Daniel Glickman, Roojoom CMO. “At best, these enterprises are using a combination of campaign management tools, marketing automation platforms, personalization engines, and channel management solutions to create a complex array of programs and campaigns that they then try to map to the customer journey. Unfortunately, this decentralized approach always leaves the customer experience as an afterthought.”  According to Garthner this approach also leads to loss of opportunity, disjointed customer experiences and an unmanageable operational complexity for the brand.

Roojoom’s all-in-one Customer Journey Management platform eliminates the need for multiple platforms, by fully automating both the execution and experience generation in one shot. The platform sets goals for each Customer Journey stage and maps out content, interactions, and channels to each customer based on personal information and what stage of the Journey they are in.  This new methodology eliminates conflict, effort, and cost, creating an endless value-cycle where increased engagement with customers leads to better understanding of customers—which in turn leads to even higher engagement.

The new platform is currently being piloted by select clients and will be released to the public later this year.

“Roojoom’s Platform allowed us to quickly and efficiently create highly personalized unique customer journey experiences and quickly generated impressive lift in customer engagement and actions taken” Says Roberto Calenda, Director of Onboarding and churn prevention at Sky. “Our success using Roojoom led us to expand its usage to other customer engagement programs”

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