Tools to Create Content that Converts


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Tools to Create Content that Converts

Content marketing is fast becoming a standard in the digital world. It has become extremely important to create, curate and cultivate quality content for a brand or an organisation to have a competitive edge. For success of your online marketing strategy, it is vital that you must produce the most innovative and engaging content. Business must focus on their strategies to produce content that converts. Today content marketers have access to a wide range of content marketing tools that make the whole process faster, easier, and more effective. Using the right tools will help the content marketers to create high volume of high quality content that will drive the traffic to your site.

In order to achieve this it is essential that you identify which tools are relevant in your context and use them effectively. There are many categories of marketing tools like tools to create content, to organise content, to distribute your content, and yet others help to ascertain the effectiveness of your content marketing. Listed below are tools that very content marketer should make use of in order to create content that converts.

Tools for Title Creation

The title of your blog post plays a major role in the success of that post.  Attention grabbing titles will lead to improved conversions and social sharing. Title should compel users to click on the blog post and read it.  In addition, the title of a post plays a significant role in a post’s search engine ranking. There are a number of tools that help in relevant and unique title generation.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

This tool is very simple to use and very effective. All you need to do is paste best 3 keywords in given sections and click on “Give Me Blog Topics”. The tool will generate click worthy headlines idea.  This tool will give a great title without wasting too much time brainstorming. This tool also helps in determining the right length for your blog post titles

content that convertsPortent’s Content Idea Generator

This tool generates titles against the keyword typed by you. It is very simple to use. Just enter the keyword and it gives you a list of titles adding little quips and jokes in bubbles alongside the topic suggestions. Even if you don’t find anything suitable in the list, just keep clicking refresh and it will give you new headline options.

content that convertsBlog Title Generator by SEOPressor

This tool is a free title generator which will help you to generate catchy and creative titles for your blog posts. The tool is very simple and easy to use. Just add your keyword, select the keyword type, and it will generate many titles to choose from.

Tweak Your Biz Title Generator

Another effective tool that gives relevant title topics is the TweakYourBiz tool. It generates countless blog headlines and all you need to do is enter your topic and decide from options given below before clicking submit button. The tool gives you various titles from different categories.

Tools to Identify your Keywords

Keywords play a very major role in any online business since they drive the traffic to your site. Key words matter in every aspect of content that converts. Competition is very high and without relevant key words it is easy to get lost amongst thousands of other sites on the Internet. There are a number of free online tools to help you identify potential keywords and analyse their strengths.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool

Google’s key word research tool is a go-to tool for discovering relevant keywords and ad group ideas. The tool has a feature for keywords to be checked for their search volume and performance. It is designed to give relevant keyword list for a variety of content like website or written copy for a social media campaign. The tool gives a selection of keywords organized by subject, popularity, level of competition, etc.  The tool is easy to navigate and offers reliable search volume results. It also offers its users average monthly searches. However to use this tool you must be signed in to your Google AdWords account.

content that converts


This is free tool that helps you build a highly relevant and targeted list of long-tail keyword. If you have a general topic in mind, Ubersuggest can help you to get some ideas. Ubersuggest takes your base keyword, combines Google Suggest with other services and gives you a list of keyword variations related to the keyword or phrase you plug in. The tool is very simple and intuitive to use.

content that convertsTools to Curate and Organise the Content


Coming up with content that converts, that also grabs attention is not an easy task. Reading blogs, news and articles are a great way to get new ideas. Feedly is tool that enables you to place all your favourite blogs, online magazines, articles and news sources in one place for easy reading, organising and sharing.  It is a powerful organisation tool worthy to keep in your business arsenal. Basically it is a news aggregator that houses all the online content that matter to you at one place. This tool is similar to a personal feed and offer features like categorising your news sources and sharing. Feedly is really useful in your marketing strategy as it allows you to syndicate and share articles to Buffer, Twitter, Evernote, LinkedIn and many other sources.

content that convertsEvernote

Evernote is a cloud-based tool that syncs across devices. Evernote’s seamless integration available for Mac, PC, smartphones, and tablets makes it very handy.  Evernote allows to record all your content ideas, clip web content,  maintain an editorial calendar and also  allows to combine personal notes with online article clips, audio as well as  photos .  This is a great collaboration tool as it allows you to collect notes, organize it into notebooks and share it with others in real time.  Also evernote constantly saves and syncs your work automatically making it very handy tool for writing and editing.


This tool helps you to collect and organise information in a quick and easy manner. The tool saves and organises the huge list of webpages, videos, articles and other helpful resources for later reference. This tool helps to tag items for easy searching and save content. Basically it helps to save to your “pocket” useful information you find online with a single button click. Another added feature of the tool is it enables you to download blog posts and view them later even if you are offline or if the blog is removed.

5Tools to Create Visual Content that Converts

Though creating images is not a part of actual content writing, it plays a very crucial role in making your content attractive leading to more traffic. Plain content without visual graphics can be quite intimidating. Everyone is clamouring to have their content noticed and visual content has become one of the most important ways to enhance your content marketing efforts.


Canva is an image creation tool loaded with easy-to-use features and functionality that help to create professional quality images. Canva helps to create beautiful images with templates, photos, fonts, text, and more. Its extensive library has both free and paid images, icons, shapes, and stock photos. Canva allows you to quickly edit text and colours. It’s easy to use photo editor helps to customise your image with the help of different settings like filters, tint, brightness etc.  . Canva’s drag-and-drop functionality combined with search option makes it easy to discover image elements to create truly stunning displays. Adding text is also very easy. Just choose a text style from the left column and drag it over to your image. This is a free tool. If you want to use any of their premium images then you mu have to pay just


Pitochart is another tool that helps to create highly engaging and attractive multimedia presentations. Piktochart especially specializes in infographic and helps in building and editing infographics using simple graphic tools.  Piktochart has a range of template and themes that can be used as the base of infographic. You simply have to add the text and pictocahrt transforms it. Piktochart comes with an intuitive user interface and has categorized icons, resizable canvas, design-driven charts, and interactive maps to utilize.  You can share your infographic across social media and even embed it on your website.

7Tools to edit your content

For content marketers it is extremely vital that your content is free of any grammatical errors or typos. Flawless content helps to build the credibility of your business. There are several tools that automates the process of proofreading, making it quick and easy.


Grammarly is an automated spelling and grammar checker. Though not fully accurate this tool can check over 250 types of Spelling, Punctuation, Vocabulary and other Grammatical Errors. It is a free site but in order to use its premium features like add-on for Microsoft word and plagiarism detection you must have a paid account. The tool helps you write without grammatical errors by simply installing its toolbar in your browser. This site is easy to use and offers great feedback to help you learn grammar rule since it explains as to why something is wrong and how to correct it.

8Hemingway App

The Hemingway app named after Ernest Hemingway helps to communicate volumes in short sentences.  The app has a strong focus on readability. It highlights common text errors and encourages the use of simpler diction, stronger verbs, fewer adverbs, and use of active. This is a free site where you can paste the content you write. It will  highlight complicated sentences, adverbs , passive word phrasing  with color-coded marks like yellow for hard to read sentences, pink for very hard sentences, purple for complex words or phrases, blue for adverbs and green for passive voice. The latest version of the Hemingway tool adds formatting features. Also, you can set your spell checker for four different types of English namely, American English, British English Australian English and Canadian English. This tool is useful for simple fiction, casual or business writing but might not be handy for technical or academic writing.

9Tools to Check for Duplicity

It is important that the content of your website is original and not copied from other sites. Original content establishes credibility and improves your Search Engine Optimization. Search engines rank your website according to the relevance of content put on your site. Duplicate content might cost you a lot if Google founds duplicate content in your blog. You may lose a lot of traffic and credibility as well. There are some useful tools to detect duplicate content and many are free.


Duplichecker is a free tool that checks the content for plagiarism. This free tool is very simple to use. You can copy and paste your text into a box or upload the text file or enter the URL of the content destination required to be checked. Unregistered users are permitted to perform three searches per day and registered users can perform unlimited searches. The tool is very effective as it looks for plagiarism by checking each line of the text and lists the URL’s where the content exists in the web.

Plagiarism checks are not just for students checking essays completed by research paper writing services
This is a simple free tool that offers plagiarism detection by just entering the text in the text box and clicking search button. The site does not require the user to fill up captcha and signup forms. The site does not put any limit on text that be checked and number of times text cam be checked. The tool has features to check the web pages, articles, hand-outs and documents.  Plagiarism checker makes the process of checking plagiarism easy as it gives complete details about the checked file.

11In this competitive digital world, content marketing is one of the most effective ways to create brand awareness. For the success of your content marketing it is vital that you provide fresh, original, innovative and attention grabbing content. Making use of the right mix of content marketing tools can have a huge impact on your content marketing strategies.