Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing

Davis Miller

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Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing

What would you go for, traditional marketing or  digital marketing?

Whether you opt to use a traditional marketing approach or digital marketing there is no doubt that marketing is an essential part of running a successful business. Without it you cannot reach your customers!

Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing includes television adverts, billboards, newspapers and even correspondence mailed directly to your potential customers. Its biggest benefit is that it utilizes a proven method of communicating with customers; one that every customer understands and can act on. Despite the huge increase in the number of people using computers and the internet; there are still segments of the population, particularly the older generations, who do not use computers. If this is part of your market sector then you are unlikely to reach them through digital channels.

Traditional marketing is well known and is relatively easy to measure in terms of success, it can also build upon campaigns and incentives which are already well known about and reinforce them.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Reaching out via social media, emails, content ads, search engines and even emails is all completed via a computer. This is an example of a digital solution in an increasingly digital world. It has been known to have high success rates even for relatively unknown businesses as you are able to reach so many people in one go. It had never been possible to reach this many people before! Digital marketing is also extremely cheap in comparison to traditional marketing.  It is also excellent for allowing direct feedback from your customers and giving you the opportunity to interact and get to know some of them.

How to Choose between Digital and Traditional Marketing

Of course, as with most things in life the best option is not always obvious. You choice will depend upon the budget you have available, the age range your products are designed for and your own personal preference. There is no right or wrong solution; just the one which works best for you and your business. The following items should be considered when making your decision:

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  • Cost

The cost of advertising through traditional methods is significantly higher than a digital approach.  However, an advert in a paper or even on a billboard can reach people that may never see your website through other means. These adverts can direct them to the website for more information; the best approach is to use a call to action in your advert which makes people access your website and in the process expands your potential customer base.

  • Relevance

Your product will have a target audience and the media you choose must appeal to that audience. This is not just an age related or computer usage scenario. There are plenty of people, such as new parents, who are comfortable with computers but, due to family commitments and work have very little time to explore the digital world. These consumers may be better to reach when the product is relevant. For example, if you are selling baby lotion, you may have more success reaching these people by advertising in the baby changing room than by targeting them via social media. It is essential to understand your target audience to know which type of marketing is best for the occasion.

  • Metrics

It is easy to track the number of responses to a flyer or direct mailing, but it is more complicated to figure out who watched your television advert and who changed channel. It is not impossible! However, it is much easier to monitor and track the success rate of digital media.

  • Accessibility

Digital marketing may be achieving an edge as the world of mobile marketing takes off. Increasingly people are accessing the internet via their mobiles and tablets whilst on the move. This increase has made it essential to target consumers wherever they are and allow them to respond immediately.Traditional and Digital Marketing


Digital marketing may be developing the edge, but in reality for the majority of businesses the better approach is to utilize elements of both marketing methods. Email marketing for example, is still in the lead; and that’s because it addresses the customer directly. This may be a conventional tactic, but it works because it is a lot more personal than digital. The best solution is to mix both strategies to make up a killer campaign for your business.