Visual Marketing: Creating Engaging Content


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Visual Marketing: Creating Engaging Content

Many of you have probably heard the phrase “Content is King”, however true, the way content is perceived by your valued audiences is continuously changing. Creating engaging content will allow companies to stay ahead of the curve.

88% of B2B respondents say that they use some form of content marketing, and 93% of them claim they use social media. Why are these Content Marketing campaigns resulting in sub-par results? The answer is simple: a lack of visual content. The goal of content marketing is to provide valuable and relevant content to your targeted audience. Through the use of visual content, a company will be able to attract and retain consumers by creating engaging content.

“Just a few years ago, you could get away with text-only social media posts and content marketing. But today? You don’t stand a chance unless your content is packed with visuals.”

Neil Patel

Creating a Visual Content Strategy

The content marketing space is becoming so fragmented that the need for engaging visual content is required to stand out from the crowd. A sound strategy with strong Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will allow a business to understand the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. B2B marketers continue to be heavily focused on creating engaging visual content and say it is their top priority over the next year.

“Only 30% of B2b marketers say their organizations are effective at content marketing, down from 38% last year. Effectiveness levels are greater among respondents with documentation, clarity around success, good communication, and experience.”

Joe Pulizzi
Content Marketing Institute

Without a clear and concise strategy, it will be tough to determine the effectiveness of a campaign. By analyzing results, it allows a company to perform comparison tests like A/B Testing. The company can then determine which campaign has been the most effective.

“Taking the time to create a solid strategy might seem like more work up-front, but it will reduce your workload over time and make your content more effective.”

Evan LePage

Consistency is Key

“Quality content is a requirement, yes, but how often are you putting quality content out there? Once a quarter isn’t going to cut it. If content is king, then frequency is queen, and consistency is, I don’t know, the Prime Minister? You get the idea.”

Meghan Sullivan
Kuno Creative

Creating engaging content is a requirement, but without consistency, you will be hard-pressed to reach your KPIs. By consistently creating content, it will not only let you drive more leads to your website, but it will also help build your online brand. Consistent colors, effects, and filters will resonate well with consumers and will help them identify what your company stands for.

“Visual content increases message association, brand awareness, and engagement–and enhances the overall design of your website.”

Larry Kim

Being a Storyteller That Stands Out

“The true value of visual content marketing lies in its ability to tell a story quickly, sharing information in a way that is easily remembered.”

Garrett Moon
Dynamic Yield

Storytelling is an essential part of content marketing. You are telling your reader a story in an engaging fashion. Visual content helps your story stand out. Coupling a well-written article with a striking visual will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your post, but will drive more traffic to it. If your post gets lost in the shuffle because a lack of visual content, it will cause engagement to suffer immensely.

“If you appeal to your readers’ emotions by showing how your product can impact their lives, rather than by discussing the product’s features, you will keep your audience engaged.”

Daniel Glickman


Creating engaging content is an art-form in its own. It takes time, patience, and many tries before success. Take advantage of the power of visual content to drive consumers to your website. The more engagements you generate, the more potential leads you can convert. Let us know how you are utilizing visual content!