Roojoom for
Corporate Education

Create effective, measurable courses, hubs and knowledge centers

Personalized Interactive learning

  • Drag-and-drop design studio
  • CMS and LMS compatible
  • Mutimedia support
  • Fully branded
  • Employee-level tracking
  • Advances reporting and analytics

“Roojoom has made it easy for us to pull together valuable content and repackage it in meaningful ways”

CA Technologies

Simple Interface, powerful features

  • Create interactive lessons with ease  
  • Organize your Sharepoint pages into lessons
  • Build educational portals
  • Share curated content hubs
  • Employee-level tracking
  • Track employees learning progress

Next Generation course personalization

  • Create courses that adapt to each employee’s knowledge level and learning pace.  
  • Provide adaptive learning-hubs
  • Asses new employees’ learning pace
  • Customize course material for each position and seniority level.

Learn how a Roojoom helps innovative organizations onboard and train their employees