Roojoom for CPGs

Create personalized brand-centric experiences that fuel brand loyalty and drive evangelism

Personalized Interactive learning

  • Create highly interactive user experiences across any device
  • Let your audience create and share personal recipe books
  • Easily repurpose existing content for social media and newsletters
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“We immediately observed an impressive improvement in customer engagement”


Oreo Campaign Manager

Turbo-charge your email campaigns with the power of personalization

  • Grow your email subscription with powerful subscription rewards  
  • Automatically generate personally- curated newsletters
  • Learn what content your audience receives best

Next Generation course personalization

  • Easily build experiences optimized for social networks
  • Grow customer obsession with highly compelling experiences
  • Lower your cost per impression with highly sharable content
OREO Exemple

Learn how a Roojoom helped a leading CPG Increase page views by 300%