Roojoom for
Telecom and TV

Onboard, upsell, engage and retain satisfied customers

Roojoom Customer Journey for telecom and TV

Goal driven and personalized customer journeys for every lifecycle stage

  • Facilitate customer onboarding
  • Create upsell opportunities
  • Increase activation rates 
  • Reduce call center requests 
  • Reduce cancellation and churn
  • Build consumer-brand dialogue
  • Close data gaps in your customer lifecycle
Customer journey management for Telcroms and TV by Roojoom

“As the leading TV provider in the country, we are constantly looking for technologies that can help us generating unique, goal-oriented, interactive, and personal customer experiences. Roojoom’s Customer Journey Management platform enables us to design and execute personal customer journeys for our subscribers. Thanks to the platform’s impressive abilities; we were able to reduce churn, improve customer satisfaction and increase TV usage in a matter of weeks.  Roojoom’s ‘all-in-one’ solution, encompassing journey-modelling, content, messaging, personalization and analytics, was essential in accelerating our time-to-market and the Roojoom support was outstanding.”

Rachel Gelb, Yes - Roojoom customer journey management

Head of Customer Relation and Retention, YES Satellite TV

Turbo-charge your customer Journey with the power of personalization

  • Mobile ready, omnichannel digital touch-points  
  • Intelligent content matching
  • Personalized media communications, newsletters, guides and more
  • Guided browsing experiences that lead your customers along their journey

Simple Interface, powerful features

  • Drag-and-drop journey design studio 
  • Full integration with 3d party services
  • Personalization logic builder
  • Powerful analytics and customer-level insights
  • Omni-channel delivery
  • Real-Time Dynamic personalization
Personal Customer Journey Management for telco and TV

Learn how Roojoom helped a leading TV service reduce early-churn and increase Customer lifetime value