Roojoom for
Lead Generation

Use personalized content experiences to increase lead generation, boost funnel velocity and convert more leads to opportunities

Increase lead generation by up to 90%

  • Fully integrates with your marketing automation.
  • Smart Content Gating
  • Omni-channel and cross-device optimized
  • Best-in-Class User Interface


Increase in Lead-Gen


Increase in behavioral lead scoring


Increase in funnel velocity

Nurture, qualify and convert.

  • Enrich CRM data with interactive content
  • Use behavioral lead scoring to better qualify and nurture leads
  • Dynamically assemble content based on lead’s interests
  • Increase funnel velocity by leading your prospects through accelerated content funnels

“Roojoom allows us to take the key assets we know are effective for our business and get readers to uplift their interest and hence their brand awareness and action.”


Eli Feiglin
VP Marketing, Caesarstone

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