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AI is at Roojoom’s core.

It enables our platform to solve complex journey orchestration challenges and puts the power of optimization in your hands.

The following reasons describe the complexity of delivering the most relevant and impactful actions and messaging to each individual customer over a single engagement:

  • There may be many relevant journey objectives and actions with potential impact on desired business goals. Typically between 20 to 30 different objectives.
  • Every single customer engagement is determined based on journey-long projections of future progress of the customer’s journey.
  • In customer service journeys there may be many options for resolving an issue. The best resolution option will be selected dynamically by AI throughout the journey.
  • An effective journey orchestration platform is one that will choose the best engagement channel, timing and messaging for every single customer interaction.
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Focus on What, let AI carry out the How

Roojoom AI-Based Personal Journey Orchestration enables marketers to focus on what they want to achieve, while having AI figure out how to get there and drive personal customer journeys throughout the customer lifecycle.

Roojoom AI-based Journey Orchestration platform drives personal journeys at scale, by invoking a dedicated AI journey engine for each customer. AI predictions determine the impact of journey objectives (calls to action and messaging) in a current customer engagement on the desired business goals.

Personalized engagement messaging is selected given AI prediction of every objective’s impact on business goals

AI fast forwards to resolution

In customer service journeys, issue resolution could naturally have many options. The prediction of the correct resolution that would solve or answer a customer issue changes in the course of the journey given data inputs and other service factors.
Personal AI engines with prediction capabilities enable optimization of resolution time and First-Time-Right rates. This applies to both digital self-service channels as well as agent-based channels, where Average Handling Time (AHT) can be significantly reduced.

Out-of-the-box Solution

Roojoom’s AI-based personal journey orchestration is an out-of-the-box solution, for intuitive use by marketing and customer service teams, requiring no data-scientist resources from the service provider’s side. This applies to journey orchestration across any vertical and customer type.

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AI is at Roojoom’s core.

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