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Roojoom next-generation personal journey orchestration platform enables brands to gain control over each customer’s personal journey, optimize the customer experience and reach desired business goals within a short period of time.

Optimal Engagement journeys throughout the customer lifecycle

Rather than outlining a marketing communication plan for customers that is linear, chronological and segmented, Roojoom’s platform enables 100% personalized engagements, based on data and AI predictions for maximum impact on your predetermined KPIs.

Resolved Customer Service journeys for any issue

Roojoom’s omni-channel platform for issue resolution simplifies and accelerates the process for both service provider and customer by providing a continuous and persistent customer service journey for self-service as well as assisted channels until resolution is reached.

Take your business one step forward. Learn what your customers value the most.

Telco / TV

Onboard new customers and elevate customer retention

  • Reiterate your key selling points to elevate value and reduce buyers remorse
  • Increase self-installation success rates of home equipment.
  • Drive the journey from delivery, through install, to first use.
  • Increase online account sign-up and setup

Educate customers on service features to increase service utilization

  • Personalize tips and tricks on how to use the selected service based on projected impact on customer service utilization
  • Suggest recommendations per customer preferences (e.g. roaming services, recommend TV content and so forth)

Promote digital services

  • Increase app download and usage
  • Encourage digital customer service channels adoption with personalized benefits messaging
  • Share digital adoption success stories as use cases

Manage customer service journeys from issue to resolution across service channels

  • Resolve technical issues or account related issues (e.g prorated charges)
  • Enable self-service over digital channels (web, app, chat)
  • Increase call-center effectiveness by creating a single knowledge repository supported by AI
  • ‘Warm handover’ between service channels from digital to agent-based or vice versa
  • Reduce Average Handling Time and accelerate to resolution using dynamic AI prediction

Improve customer loyalty and customer value

  • Promote loyalty programs based on customer usage
  • Offer relevant up-sell and premium options
  • Offer cross-sell options given customer behavior

Get feedback and increase social advocacy

  • Collect survey inputs
  • Promote ‘refer a friend’ programs where applicable
  • Increase user generated content on social channels


Improve quotes conversion rates

  • Personalize prospects engagement based on submitted data
  • Reiterate your key selling points to reinforce brand and insurance plan value

Onboard new customers quickly and effectively

  • Support brand and insurance value with more facts and useful information
  • Educate customers on policy coverage and claim options
  • Offer digital frequently asked questions
  • Accelerate policy onboarding processes and complete missing customer information through personal journey management

Increase customer value and customer loyalty

  • Upsell coverage options
  • Cross-sell related products, personalized to customer profile

Promote digital services

  • Increase portal registration and usage
  • Increase app download and usage
  • Expose customers to digital claim options

Manage customer service journeys from issue to resolution across service channels

  • Reduce resolution time for claims or account related questions by enabling AI predictions and service flow optimization
  • Proactively engage with customers to explain claim process
  • Enable self-service over digital channels (web, app, chat)
  • ‘Warm handover’ between service channels from digital to agent-based or vice versa
  • Offer support service for complimentary IoT devices (e.g. water leak detector)

Avoid damage and preserve value

  • Provide personalized preventative information per insurance plans and customer attributes (e.g. for healthy lifestyle, home protection and so forth)

Improve customer retention and renewal rates

  • Create Hyper-personalized and Experience-led customer engagement
  • Proactively engage with customers to create trust
  • Engage customers in context and in their comfort zone

Increase agent and customer satisfaction

  • Reduce customer complaints
  • Improve collection rates
  • Collect survey feedback
  • Increase social advocacy


Onboard product users quickly and efficiently and support quick TTV

  • Set value goals to users and drive individual journeys towards personalized value, refine goals by empowering product champions
  • Reiterate your key selling points to reinforce value and appetite for use
  • Provide product education and training – per product, service tier, use case and end-user role
  • Proactively communicate with end users on different stages of the onboarding journey to ensure progress towards value is kept

Improve product adoption and utilization with ongoing personalized engagement

  • Push users towards advanced value experiences, for ongoing satisfaction
  • Progress training of new product users
  • Educate users on new features and functionalities

Expand user success capabilities for all user types, including long-tail customers

  • Personalize digital engagements to increase product awareness, relevancy and action
  • Use smart engagements to get users to their value points

Increase upsells and cross-sells

  • Share subscription expansion options based on users profile and behavior

Improve free-to-paid and increase renewals and utilization

Reduce customer service overload and improve customer satisfaction

  • Offer digital self-care journeys for service issues and frequently asked questions
  • Accelerate to resolution using dynamic AI predictions

Get customer provide feedback and users recommendation

  • Identify gaps in users’ expectations for value and product capabilities
  • Collect survey inputs
  • Promote social advocacy


Manage new account onboarding

  • Get new account owners to complete account related actions
  • Increase service utilization
  • Proactively engage to avoid roadblocks and present options or useful information

Manage new Credit Card activation process

  • Offer troubleshoot & resolve service for card activation issues
  • Promote account sign-up and setup

Increase customer Lifetime Value

  • Build trust and long-term relationships
  • Send personalized tips, recommendations and alerts for efficient management of customer’s financial assets
  • Personalize offers for additional financial services per customer needs

Increase customer spend

  • Personalize special offers and benefits for card holders
  • Promote more credit card deals and programs
  • Increase cross-selling of new financial services

Streamline continuous customer service journeys

  • Enable online ‘troubleshoot & resolve’ service for account issues
  • Manage mortgage and loan requests and communicate with the client through all stages of the process

Improve digital adoption

  • Increase app download and usage
  • Enable self-service over digital channels (web, app, chat)

Get feedback and increase social advocacy

  • Collect survey inputs
  • Promote ‘refer a friend’ programs where applicable