Our Journey Orchestration Solutions

Roojoom AI-Based Personal Journey Orchestration supports the brand’s communication with customers throughout the customer lifecycle.

Roojoom’s platform supports all types of customer journeys throughout the customer lifecycle – from acquisition to utilization to retention and so forth, including customer service self-care and agent-based journeys.

We can divide them into three main groups of journeys:

User Success Journeys

User Personal Value Goals

Roojoom User Success platform drives individual product users to their personal value goals with minimum TTV – ensuring users reach their goals and expectations using the product.

Product Champion Enablement

The platform enables empowering product champions in each of your customer accounts to personalize individual user value goals, going beyond role-based profiles. The champions’ authority or relationship with their team members – the product users, is further leveraged by automated engagements sent on behalf of the champion to the users, for advancing user journeys and product adoption. Champions can also track all user journeys in real time.

Impactful personalized engagement 

Roojoom’s algorithms drive individual user journeys with a unique UX available on all digital channels and in-product, engaging users with personalized actionable content towards achieving their value goals.

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Engagement Journeys

Roojoom’s platform outperforms the standard playbook for customer engagement and replaces linear, segmented communications campaigns with AI-based personal engagement journeys, enabling marketeers to focus on what they want to achieve, while having AI carry out the “how”.

Roojoom offers distinctive value in significant and complex journeys, involving many potential objectives to communicate to each customer. AI is used to predict the most impactful actions and messages to present to a customer at a single interaction throughout the journey. The platform optimizes business goals (KPIs) such as customer retention, customer spend, NPS and more.

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Customer Service Journeys

Roojoom enables brands to manage end-to-end personal customer services journeys, from issue to resolution.

Personal AI engines assigned to each customer, engage customers continuously and persistently across channels for managing personal customer service journeys. Roojoom’s omni-channel solution supports digital and agent-based customer service channels including web, mobile, agent, IVR and chat using journey data and taking actions by interfacing with backend systems. Troubleshoot & Resolve AI prediction capability fast forwards the journey to reduce resolution times and improve FTR (First-Time-Right) rates. For web-based channels the platform creates an auto-generated UX, template-based and coding free, that drives the customer-service dialogue from start to finish. It can also integrate into existing channels such as chat and IVR and run the dialog towards resolution via API.


Self-service journeys:

Make your digital channels resolution capable, and have more issues resolved and completed on self-service channels rather than being routed to the call center. 


Agent / representative support journeys:

Bring your customer support teams to excellence by having the platform lead each and every support call journey, instructing your reps on the quickest way to reach the most effective resolution and present the best upsell offer to the customer where there’s an opportunity.


Roojoom’s platform presents resolution rates as high as 60% and above and enables reaching business goals within only a few weeks from launch. The platform optimizes business goals (KPIs) such as digital adoption, customer satisfaction, care cost reduction and more.

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Example Use Cases

Example Use Cases
New Customer Onboarding
Example Use Cases
Customer Engagement
Example Use Cases
Troubleshoot & Resolve
Example Use Cases
Billing Issues
Example Use Cases
Example Use Cases
SaaS Implementation & Onboarding
Example Use Cases
Digital Adoption
Example Use Cases
Service Utilization
Example Use Cases
Home Move
Example Use Cases
Example Use Cases
Employee Enablement
Example Use Cases
Upsell & Cross Sell

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See KPIs lift within a few weeks

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