13 Interactive Content Tools to Make Your Brand Stand Out

13 Interactive Content Tools to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Is your company blog’s bounce-rate lower than 30%? Do readers stay longer than 3 minutes on average?

I assume most of you answered ‘no’ to both questions.

Why do we marketers care so much about bounce rate and time spent on content? Simple: We spend a lot of time and resources creating content for our readers and feel frustrated when they leave our blog too soon or worse – if they bounced right back to search results.

Interactive content offers exactly the kind of ‘stickiness’ that marketers and brands are looking for. Read this post to learn about 13 interactive content tools that will engage your readers and make them remember your brand forever (or, at least until the next click through).

Why Interactive Tools?

As you might already know, good execution of interaction now in days is paramount to generating brand awareness and trendiness on social media. This interaction between brand and consumer yields a huge drive in social traffic while subsequently, generating leads.

Rather than focusing on a transaction-based effort, interactive marketing revolves around conversation. This conversation is a method of a more personal engagement with the customer, absorbing his input and displaying your receptiveness to the customer through continuous discussion of his responses.

Interactive marketing identifies with holistic marketing strategy, as it thrives on responsive interaction with the customer’s expressed needs, communicating a presence of mind and readiness to meet his needs. This interactive relationship allows the marketer to ‘show his face’ in his customer exchanges, while not losing sight of his widespread market population at large.

1. Roojoom

Roojoom is a platform that, simply put, expedites your already existing content into a Content Journey that directly interacts with your target audience. Content Journeys are uniquely designed to cultivate ’stickiness’ and to make your brand more memorable.

Best Interactive Content Tools - Roojoom

A Roojoom Content Journey can be embedded inside of your website or blog to add a dynamic experience with pictures auto-rotating:

When visitors click on the widget, the Content Journey opens on top of the site and they can interact with the content without ever leaving your site.
For websites with lots of content, Roojoom offers a user-generated content experience that enables visitors to build their own Content Journeys from the content they read on your website.

2. Qzzr

interactive content tools
Qzzr is a quiz-generating platform designed to engage the user with the brand. With online quizzes trending on social media, brands are now able to interact with the consumer in a way that drives them to be more interested in the brand and, interact with it in a unique way; thus, generating more leads and more social traffic.

3. Thinglink

Thinglink is a platform that enables content publishers to embed content within an image to construct a rich, dense storytelling setting that immediately captures the attention of your audience. Thinglink distinctively increases the discoverability of premium content inside your images, and therefore transforms an image to a more engaging piece of content.

4. PlayBuzz

Interactive Content

You heard of PlayBuzz before. You’ve seen it all over Facebook (If you haven’t been living on Mars, that is). What you might not know yet is that PlayBuzz just launched PlayBuzz for business. Now you can use it to create fun and playful content that (hopefully) will go viral.

5. Typeform

typeform screenshot

Typeforms is a data-collecting platform that is optimized to transform the way you design your surveys and forms. It is unique in the way it does this, enabling the creator of the form/survey to put your company’s stamp (or personality) on your content. Simply put, Typeforms styles your surveys in a fashion that makes questions feel more conversational—thereby increasing the stickiness of your survey.

6. Infogr.am

Infogr.am provides a unique template in which to present data in a way that positively stands out. Data in our day and age creates trust, shows us the facts, and engages our brains with visual stories. Infogr.am can be utilized as a powerful content marketing tool by increasing brand awareness by using infogr.am‘s data visualization tools.

7. Brackify

content stickiness
Do you feel like your user engagement is below par on your website? Do you wish that there was an easier way to increase the appeal of your content? If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, you should definitely take a look at Brackify. By creating voting polls next to your content, you subsequently generate user appeal to engage with your content in a fun way, which promotes the giving of feedback by your audience. Through doing this, you are bound to increase the ‘stickiness’ of your content, and reduce the bounce rate!

8. SnapApp

snapapp interactive content
Looking to create an amazing interactive experience from your content? SnapApp will help you do just that, with its easy-to-use template that helps you create an interactive content experience, with the most ease and efficiency. The SnapApp platform is the fastest and easiest way to deploy, manage, and measure interactive content experiences, with seamless integration to leading marketing automation, CRM, and content management technologies.

9. Contest Factory

contest factory screenshot
Contest Factory is a contest company that creates online promotions, games and sweepstakes that help you to engage your customers, build brand awareness and grow your business. Their patented contest system provides the most comprehensive platform in the industry for developing contests in social media, mobile devices and websites that deliver results. It is a known fact that market share and sales are a numbers game—the more people you reach—the faster you grow your business. Contest Factory can help you engage more people, increase your market share and grow your business.

10. Oppia

oppia screenshot
Oppia is a free, open-source online learning tool for creating and sharing interactive activities, or as Oppia calls them, ‘Explorations’. These explorations simulate a one-on-one conversation between the user and an ‘intelligent tutor’. Oppia’s motto is ‘learning by doing’ — as the exploration can include code editors, world maps, and more. Adapting interactive feedback as a key learning tool, Oppia uses mistakes and misconceptions within the learning process as opportunities to respond to users as they progress through an exploration.

11. Statsilk

statsilk screenshot
Statsilk is a platform that helps you reorganize your data, and Meta data into something interactive at a click of the mouse. This software enables you to visualize a dataset or an entire database within minutes; and instead of having you navigate through multiple section screens, you are able to customize the view to your requirements. Statsilk, if implemented correctly, could be very useful in increasing the interactivity of your data, and therefore, increasing the interactivity of the paramount data about your business.

12. Knovio

knovio screenshot
Knovio is a tool for turning PowerPoint slides into rich video presentations. Through using Knovio, you are able to take a simple PowerPoint presentation, and take it to a whole new level with audio and video presentations that can be accessed on-demand; your presentations can also be shared with others via email or social media. This can boost the interactivity of your presentations, and therefore engage and educate your audience about your content.

13. Content Tools

Interactive Marketing with ContentTools
ContentTools is an amazing platform for brands, agencies, and publishers alike. It is customized to augment your content to increase audience engagement, and brand awareness by transforming your content from plain content, to a conversation. This notion of generating conversation between the audience/consumer and the brand is paramount to knowing exactly what your audience wants, or feels about certain topics pertaining to your brand/company.
In addition, interactive content tools could serve as a means of generating leads through engagement, and awareness—after all isn’t that the objective? Not only will your audience be intrigued, but they will also love your content.


Adding interactive content tools to your strategy could be a little time consuming, but it’s worth the effort. You simply cannot afford to be blogging without using them!

Which was your favorite tool? Want to suggest one I left out? Tell us in the comments below.

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