4 Ways Content Personalization Improves the Content Funnel

4 Ways Content Personalization Improves the Content Funnel

The realm of digital content has grown tremendously, largely resulting from the increasing presence of information distribution channels. With the internet limitlessly defying communication, boundaries not pausing for a millisecond, it’s important for brands to consider how to personalize their content while maintaining focus and user engagement. In doing so, they can better present relevant and targeted messages to potential customers, a key component of facilitating an optimized personal content journey.

What is a Content Funnel?

A content funnel is the process a prospective customer takes with a brand through a series of combined content pieces that establish a more committed relationship between the two parties. One part of the overall content experience a user takes in, the challenge, though seemingly daunting, can be most effectively tackled via authentic content personalization campaigns. In doing so, brands can reach out to their target audiences presenting engaging messages that will more effectively bring customers closer to converting.

A content funnel is the process a prospective customer takes with a brand through a series of combined content pieces that establish a more committed relationship between the two parties. (1)

Digging Deeper

Improving a content funnel can be challenging for marketers and the respective brands they promote. It can therefore help to consider these four ways for adopting personalized marketing campaigns — to ultimately (positively) impact the content funnel and attract a loyal customer base:

1. Data expedites the journey

Today, marketing content is a lot more than strategic word and phrase selection for drawing attention and interest. Rather, it builds upon many variables including strategic decisions which stem from a true understanding of changing consumer behaviors; identifying which messages or displays will most likely bring forth more browsing on your site or ideally, to convert. As such, unlocking data and figures on user behavior can help speed up the customer journey and bring customers closer to checkout.

2. Unique lead generation opportunity

The content funnel can be boosted if brands effectively target customers based on keywords, themes, or terms that propel them to engage. Such personalized messages are a great platform for unique lead generation, as potential customers are more likely to react to a message that matches their preferences. Roojoom, for instance, is a platform for accelerating the content funnel that allows brands to effectively highlight their product, offering an industry insights across a cloud-based bundle that can easily be embedded on their website or shared online.

See below for how Roojoom is utilized by cookie giant, Oreo.


3. Customization shows that you care

In the competitive world of content writing, it helps to search for tools and ways to create customized content in order to engage your prospective customers. By investing in customized content platforms, your prospective customers will be assured that you ‘mean business’, thus forming a strong brand identity and relationship with your user base.

4. Focused content means more relevance and impact

Focused and relevant content ultimately feels like a no brainer, as it essentially creates a win-win situation for both brands and prospective customers. For customers, this often means being presented with action-prone information, shortening the customer journey. One noteworthy platform, Gravity, can help make sense of some of this content complexity and help your brand deliver content to an appropriate audience. Though these points all involve using resources, namely time and money, such content personalization efforts may be cost-effective in the long-run. At minimum, given the increasing competitiveness in today’s marketing world, they may even keep you in the game for just enough time to plan your next content marketing step.

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Planning Ahead

While there are many use cases for content personalization campaigns, the efforts required for their success will force brands to think strategically about how to channel their efforts towards best customer journey improvement. After all, your content ROI is measured largely in part by your ability as a marketer to engage hot leads and convince them to move ahead in the sales funnel.

Therefore, it seems as though content personalization will continue to be a trending topic in content marketing – just try to make sure you don’t lag behind. Do you have other insights on how content personalization can contribute to the content funnel? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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