Empower customers’ product champions to boost success (2 of 3)

Empower customers’ product champions to boost success (2 of 3)

In a previous post we discussed the concept of  Users’ Success, driving users to value equals a product company success

As we’ve seen, the product value TO the user is key. Different users may have different value goals, even if they work in the same organization and have the same role. 

User value goals can be set by CSMs per user roles but in order to be further personalized you need someone at account who knows users on the personal level. 

Product champions in any of your accounts can know what users are trying to accomplish or are tasked to achieve with the product, and thus can set product value goals at the individual user level. 

Product champions – a CSM’s force augmentation

Champions’ relationships with their team members – the product users- can be leveraged for advancing users’ journey towards their goal. Proactive automatic communications, triggered by user journey events (certain product usage or lack thereof), can be sent to users over various channels on behalf of the  champions, for greater user attention.

Furthermore, empowering champions with visibility into individual users’ journeys supports the CSM towards obtaining the CSM and Champion mutual goal – successful product utilization.

So, if you are focusing on user value, consider adding a “middle tier” in your efforts for success – empower the product champions.

How to drive personalized journeys effectively – in a next and final post in this introductory seriesDrive users’ journeys with quick TTV

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