Interactive self-installation journeys: a must-have offering in today’s digital age

Interactive self-installation journeys: a must-have offering in today’s digital age

We all agree that an efficient self-installation process is a ‘win-win’ situation for both customers and service providers.

For customers, it saves the long wait for speaking with a technical support agent, or waiting for a technician visit. It also allows customers to get that quick gratification feeling, which is so important when buying a new service.

For the service provider, self-installation takes the load off call-centers and tech visits and minimizes risks of taking long to connect customers that are eager to get the new service running. 

All this can be achieved as long as you, the service provider, can offer your customers a TRUE self-installation service, that doesn’t only guide customers through the installation steps, but also provides solutions in various cases in which something went wrong during this process – a digital handhold that some customers would surely need and would appreciate. 

Self-installation in 2020

2020 has definitely turned out to be the year of accelerated home digital services and self-service technologies due to social distancing, but also due to an increased number of businesses that decided to give up the office space and adopt working-from-home as a permanent situation.

This means that as more electronic devices keep coming at your customers’ door and populating their homes – the more help they are going to need in installing them. Installation at times can be quick and easy but some devices are more complex and may require some guidance.

Who likes to read instructions anyway? 

Routers, streamers, video boxes, speakers, headphones, IoT devices such as: NestCams, voice controllers (Amazon/Google), all these and much more need installation and activation instructions. 

A lot of these instructions are still presented to the customer as a printed step by step document or an online FAQ page with endless content to be read that can fail the customer’s journey before it even started.

Content-based instructions are:

  • Not personal –  not fitted to the customer’s specific equipment or based on other customer data components that can help accelerate the process.
  • Not interactive – do not interact with the customer and ask guiding questions that drive the installation journey until completion (“is the green light on?”…)
  • Linear – as they usually present a single process without branching to more options that support the journey in case something doesn’t seem to work during installation (“If you can’t see the welcome screen, here’s how to change the HDMI input on your TV”)
  • Not dynamic – follows a predefined installation flow 

Whereas self-installation journeys are:

  • Personal – to the customer’s specific service, device, previous data and tech-savviness level
  • Interactive – ask for user input and act upon it
  • Non linear – support unlimited journey permutations following the flow logic
  • Dynamic – based on data, user input and AI journey predictions that can fast-forward to the installation process.

The Roojoom self-installation journey 

Roojoom’s AI-based solution orchestrates the interactive self-installation journey from start to finish, making sure the customer is given the most fitted step-by-step instructions and successfully completes installation in the quickest time possible.

How is this achieved?

  1. AI governs the journey progress. It can detect redundant questions the customer is being asked – based on predictions of learning algorithms for the specific installation journey – and shorten the overall process
  2. Journey analytics can direct journey improvements and surfaces interesting or ’suspicious’ findings around the customer installation journeys.
  3. Roojoom’s omni-channel platform supports warm handover to escalated channels (such as call-center agent) in cases where the process fails or pauses for any reason. The journey is continuous and persistent until resolution is reached and installation is completed.

Ready to install? Just click ‘start’

Shifting your service into an interactive end-to-end installation process can be done fairly quickly. And as times push us to accelerate the use of digital channels – your customers will not expect less than a seamless and effortless digital installation journey.

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