Smart Content: How New Technologies Personalize Experiences

Smart Content: How New Technologies Personalize Experiences

If customers could say one thing to your company, it would be this: They’re fed up with your generic, one-size-fits-all content. In fact, they’re leaving your website and they’re not coming back.

Seem harsh? Sure — it’s a dog-eat-dog world where Internet-based start-ups compete with established brands and consumers are fried from information overload. They’re not interested in wasting their time figuring out how to get the solutions they need from your website when hundreds of other Google-able brands are vying for their attention.

Market to People, Not Robots

People have their own hopes and dreams, challenges and interests. Brands can appeal to widely different audiences while selling (essentially) the same product. Witness the enduring PC vs. Mac debate. What engages the typical creative, urbanite Mac user will not inspire the techy, suburbanite PC user. Personalized content makes customers feel at home with your company, its values, and its mission and also saves them time and effort — two luxuries that few have much of anymore — by directing them to the most relevant information.

Hiring a high-falutin’ marketing guru who will revolutionize your content might not be in the budget. Instead, take a look at how to use new technologies that are dynamically adjusting content to smart content, fitting customer needs. Here are some offerings:


Smart content is important

Gravity uses an interest graph that produces recommendations to help website visitors find more content they’ll love. It assesses both what’s popular on the site now and what each visitor has looked at thus far to create a unique set of recommendations for each person.

Dynamic Yield

2. Dynamic Yield - smart content

Dynamic Yield uses a wide range of information — including location, weather conditions, device type, and past behavior — to get super specific about who each unique visitor is and what they want. It compiles and analyzes this data to churn out hyper-targeted recommendations about content and products in real-time. Dynamic Yield personalizes everything from home pages to emails across platforms and devices to encompass the whole user experience.


Trendemon is pretty smart content itself

TrenDemon’s main focus is on creating personalized CTAs based on real-time data about users’ preferences. Leading a customer from the blog, landing page, or product description, they’re on to the buying or decision-making point as quickly as possible. It calculates the most effective content paths that bring customers where you want them to be in the shortest amount of time.


Smart Content

Triblio’s specialty is account- and persona-based marketing, generating personalized experiences for customers based on purchase history, product need, and firmographics. It helps companies find both their most effective original content for each persona and the best curated content from around the Internet, as well as personalizes webpages with banners, CTAs, and relevant content.


Smart Content on its best

Roojoom’s guided content journeys focus not just on personalizing content to an audience’s demographics, but also to the customer’s experience. Roojoom leads customers on a journey through what we call the content funnel, matching the content the customer sees — whitepapers, blog posts, visuals, video, anything that engages customers — to their stage in their interaction with the company. By creating a smooth narrative from start to end (which will hopefully be a purchase), Roojoom partners with customers in a kind of choose-your-own-adventure story that optimizes a company’s marketing content and anticipates what customers need before they ask for it.

Smart content personalization is the way of the future in marketing and these high-tech tools are making it easier than ever for companies to reach out to their would-be customers. Their innovative use of marketing data and algorithms compensates for customers’ ever-shorter attention spans, increasing customer engagement and upping their clients’ ROI for content marketing. Do we have your attention?

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Launch quickly

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See KPIs lift within a few weeks

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