The Customer Journey

Don’t Leave Retention Marketing Behind

Don’t Leave Retention Marketing Behind 800 550 Daniel Glickman

With as much emphasis as companies put on the customer lifecycle, it can be a complex and convoluted process. This is because companies are confused about which department is responsible for which stage of the journey and how to effectively make the most of each phase. With clearly defined responsibilities, companies can establish strong strategies…

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Designing Effective (and happy!) Customer Touchpoints

Designing Effective (and happy!) Customer Touchpoints 800 550 Kevin Yoo

Think about the memories you cherish. I’ll bet more than half are happy ones. And I’ll place another bet that your actual association with that happiness is more about the anticipation rather than the event itself. This is a fascinating aspect of the human brain and gets at the heart of what marketers are always…

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Bridging Digital Transformation

Bridging Digital Transformation 800 550 Micha Shahaf

Digital commerce reached $1 trillion last year, and digital revenue is expected to increase by more than 80% by 2020. This fact alone is just one of the many clues as to why CEOs are stressing the importance of digital transformation. The competitive edge provided by digital business cannot be ignored, so CEOs are pushing…

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Tools to Create Content that Converts

Tools to Create Content that Converts 800 550 Molly Abram

Content marketing is fast becoming a standard in the digital world. It has become extremely important to create, curate and cultivate quality content for a brand or an organisation to have a competitive edge. For success of your online marketing strategy, it is vital that you must produce the most innovative and engaging content. Business…

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Synchronize Your Mobile Touchpoints

Synchronize Your Mobile Touchpoints 800 550 Yuval Shemesh

Most companies still don’t provide a seamless, streamlined digital experience to their customers – great mobile touchpoints – and if you’re one of them, you’re playing a losing game. It’s an especially important matter in the age of mobile content experiences. According to Salesforce, 68% of companies have integrated mobile marketing into their overall strategies,…

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Is Facebook Canvas Enough for Mobile Marketers?

Is Facebook Canvas Enough for Mobile Marketers? 800 550 Kevin Yoo

Everyone has scrolled through Facebook on a smartphone and seen, in the “Most Recent” feed, an ad for a brand, website or product. Ad integration has simply become a part of the mobile social experience to the point of near-immunity. Very rarely does a user pause on an ad anymore. Ads have become such an…

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When Content Hurts the Sales Process

When Content Hurts the Sales Process 800 550 Rami Ricanati

Imagine this. You have an awesome content pipeline. You’re sure that your content will garner attention from prospects and increase social shares in your niche. Not to mention, it’ll get your new leads geared up for personal touchpoints and move them closer to a buying decision. The only problem? Those things aren’t happening as spectacularly…

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Expected Social Media Trends in 2016

Expected Social Media Trends in 2016 800 550 Varun Sharma

As social media are making hell lot of challenges nowadays, what trends are you looking for in 2016? Everybody anticipates that specific platforms will present certain overhauls, however, it’s imperative to comprehend the more extensive setting behind such consequences in a more extensive sense. Advertisers are offering a better platform to go up the challenge…

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Mobile Journey Done Right

Mobile Journey Done Right 800 550 Yuval Shemesh

So you have a mobile presence, and all is well on Planet Earth. The sun is shining, rabbits are hopping and skipping through hayfields, and qualified leads will drop right out of the sky any second. Right? Not so fast. Your mobile presence isn’t a guaranteed winner yet. Just because you finally have an app…

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