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Drive users’ journeys with quick TTV (3 of 3)

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In previous posts we’ve established that User Success, driving users to value, equals to success of the entire customer account and that empowering product champions in your customer accounts boosts CSMs work and elevates success achievements.  

The 3rd critical component is the journey that will drive your product users to those desired values –  the best vehicle and navigation map that will get them quickly and safely to their destination

Knowing what values users are expecting to achieve from your product on a personal level is a big step towards success.  

Therefore, in order to effectively lead product users to their value goals, you would want to assure that:

  1. Your user engagements throughout the journey are personalized to the individual user and accommodate the most relevant and impactful actionable content that will help your users reach their value goals. 
  2. The user journey can meet your users on all the relevant digital channels, including in-product. 
  3. You are able to get users’ attention, one great way is messaging them on behalf of someone the know – the product champion
  4. The user experience is designed and tailored to the individual user and includes an orientation map to track progress and see what’s next. 
  5. Journey analytics is available on all levels – to the CSM, champion and user for constant improvement and personalization of the individual user journey.
  6. You have the right technology that incorporates all of the above. 

This completes our “User Success in a nutshell” trilogy. Care to hear more?! Contact us.

Empower customers’ product champions to boost success (2 of 3)

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In a previous post we discussed the concept of  Users’ Success, driving users to value equals a product company success

As we’ve seen, the product value TO the user is key. Different users may have different value goals, even if they work in the same organization and have the same role. 

User value goals can be set by CSMs per user roles but in order to be further personalized you need someone at account who knows users on the personal level. 

Product champions in any of your accounts can know what users are trying to accomplish or are tasked to achieve with the product, and thus can set product value goals at the individual user level. 

Product champions – a CSM’s force augmentation

Champions’ relationships with their team members – the product users- can be leveraged for advancing users’ journey towards their goal. Proactive automatic communications, triggered by user journey events (certain product usage or lack thereof), can be sent to users over various channels on behalf of the  champions, for greater user attention.

Furthermore, empowering champions with visibility into individual users’ journeys supports the CSM towards obtaining the CSM and Champion mutual goal – successful product utilization.

So, if you are focusing on user value, consider adding a “middle tier” in your efforts for success – empower the product champions.

How to drive personalized journeys effectively – in a next and final post in this introductory seriesDrive users’ journeys with quick TTV

Users’ Success – focusing on driving users to value (1 of 3)

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Users have certain expectations from your product, as well as goals they are looking to accomplish while using it. If all product users could reach their value expectations and sustain that on an ongoing basis, the customer success would – by definition – be at its highest potential.

This notion underlines the concept behind Roojoom’s User Success platform: Setting personal value goals for users to accomplish and getting them there by driving personalized journeys.

Value goals could represent product utilization targets e.g. use of a feature, and also measurable business goals achieved with your product e.g. sales obtained from leads of a marketing product or downtime saved from blocked attacks for a cyber protection product.

Personal Value Goals are key for success

Value goals may differ per user roles but they may also differ per the individual user within a specific role, as different users in the same organization may have different product expectations and value points they are looking to reach. 

That way, Brian and Grace who are both project managers having different tenors in the organization Acme, would most likely have different expectations from the new platform their company has just acquired.  Each of them may have their own ideas of how to leverage the platform’s capabilities to elevate productivity and performance in their day-to-day work.

Managing user journeys towards value goals should therefore be personalized, so that more users are “getting it done” with your product and developing the habit of relying on your product for their work.

How to ascertain a user value goals?

The CSM could define user value goals per role, given a general understanding of what users are looking to achieve using the product. To further personalize the value goal, you’d need to go closer to users, assisted by someone who knows them personally..  more on that in the our next post Empowering customers’ product champions boosts CSMs work and success achievements

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