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customer journey

Personalizing Each Touchpoint of Mobile Customer Journey

The customer journey is not a straight line; in fact, it looks more like a bumblebee’s flight path.To reach your users in the mobile moment, think of the customer journey as a lifecycle defined by user touchpoints. The cycle begins with onboarding, but can move fluidly between these touchpoints throughout the rest of the journey,…

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b2c personalization tactics

Easy B2C Personalization Tactics for Marketers

I bet as a B2C marketer, you have been seeing articles about successful B2C personalization tactics pop-up everywhere. For good reason, personalization is one of the hottest marketing trend of 2016. Ever since personalization became trendy, this is how your daily life looks: …Your boss comes in, screams at the top of his lungs for not coming…

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personalization 101 for dummies

Personalization 101 for Dummies

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Says Einstein. Well, if he is right, then most of content marketers today are insane. Why? Let us guide you through personalization 101 class. 76% 76% of B2B content marketers say that they will increase the amount of content in 2016. But just take a…

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Visual Marketing: Creating Engaging Content

Many of you have probably heard the phrase “Content is King”, however true, the way content is perceived by your valued audiences is continuously changing. Creating engaging content will allow companies to stay ahead of the curve. 88% of B2B respondents say that they use some form of content marketing, and 93% of them claim…

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social media

9 Tips for Storytelling Success on Social Media

Do you remember that as a kid you would never sleep without listening to the little stories that your mom and granny would tell you? Years have passed, and we tell those stories to our kids now. That’s the power of stories. They make us feel connected and they are always a great success because…

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A Day in the Life of Mobile Marketing

The average person checks his phone 46 times a day, and depending on age that number could be even higher. But look at it this way: That’s not just 46 times checking email, text messaging, monitoring finances or scrolling social apps. That’s 46 opportunities of mobile marketing to reach customers during an activity they are…

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The Marketing Jobs Technology Will Replace in 10 Years

The Marketing Jobs Technology will Replace in 10 Years

If Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world, it’s going to take some jobs with it, including a myriad of marketing jobs. Economist W. Brain Arthur estimates the developing technology will replace 100 million jobs by 2025. With the civilian workforce currently at 158 million, that’s a significant portion of people being replaced by robots…

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The Content Marketing Thief

The process of uncovering the target audience is the key to selecting the right marketing channels and employing tools for shaping promotional messages.  Content marketing has transformed the digital landscape and enabled enterprises to better adhere to abundant needs and wants of the audience. Alas, generating a steady stream of content is not a cakewalk.…

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Customer Lifecycle Management

How Hands-On (or Off) Should Customer Lifecycle Management Be?

If your company is like most, the answer to whether it should be hands-on or hands-off with customer lifecycle management is: much more hands-on than it is now. No, your customers aren’t toddlers in constant danger of tripping adorably over their own feet. But your prospects do need some personalized hand-holding through the funnel if…

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Don’t Leave Retention Marketing Behind

With as much emphasis as companies put on the customer lifecycle, it can be a complex and convoluted process. This is because companies are confused about which department is responsible for which stage of the journey and how to effectively make the most of each phase. With clearly defined responsibilities, companies can establish strong strategies…

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