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Hiring the right AI for your customer service organization

The biggest challenge today that service providers have to face when looking at their digital and assisted customer service operations is creating “resolution capable” service channels that will not only reach the best resolution, but also do it quickly and prevent customers from dropping the session. 

Nowadays most AI tech in customer service is being used for identifying the customer’s “intent”, meaning: understanding the issue a customer is having by getting their input in natural language. That saves some valuable time for the customer service rep or agent, but it does not resolve the issue there and then – in the digital channel.

Identifying the intent will only get you so far

As digital is becoming more and more present in our lives, customers too expect their service provider to expand digital interaction channels, and the most important interaction of all is, for customer support.

While AI is being utilized over the different digital channels to identify the customer’s issue, it doesn’t have the ability to continue the journey and drive it to resolution. So time is definitely saved on the agent’s side but not on the customer’s side, who will eventually be transferred to the call center regardless. As a result of this reality today, many customers prefer calling directly to the call center in the first place.

“Resolution Capable” service channels

A more advanced use of AI in customer service is going beyond the customer’s intent. It is possible to solve your customers’ issues on the first attempt they make using one of your digital channels, as each and every one of those (chat, web, app, IVR) could perform as a self-service resolution tool.  Guided by AI, self-service channels as well as agent-based channels could individually reach the best resolution fairly quickly, significantly decreasing your digital sessions drop rates and enhancing the overall customer experience. 

Playing the game of resolution

As AI was proven to outperform human players in strategy games such as Chess or Go, for customer service journeys it can be looked at as playing a game of “reaching resolution in minimum steps” – balancing between the number of questions the customer may be asked during the journey and accelerating  the journey for faster resolution. This capability is extremely important for decreasing drop-rates of impatient customers that will give up and abandon the journey mid way.  

Reaching the right resolution is a complex issue, not just a “classification” issue  – attaching a solution to a problem. Your chosen AI needs to have the ability to lead the dialogue with the customer while asking the most accurate questions in order to reach the appropriate solution.

And what about the call-center?

The main benefit of letting AI run your agent-based support journeys as well as your digital channels, is that it can rapidly elevate the performance of all agents or reps involved in the process, mostly new or less experienced agents. This creates sustainable and ever-improving team excellence, which will naturally bring to improved customer experience and increase sales.

But not every AI journey orchestration platform can advance agent-based journeys as described above.

AI for customer service in agent-based channels requires some explainability capabilities: As AI will often present the agent with offers that are predicted to advance the journey, the agent will need to understand the reason for why the offer was selected, so it can be communicated to the customer. 

A good example is an insurance representative receiving an AI recommendation to offer the customer the “Car & Home Insurance Bundle”. AI will then have to highlight the reason for that offer: “The customer holds a car insurance policy, but is also a homeowner that is not covered against floods. The customer lives in an area that is at high risk of flooding”.

Hire an AI platform specifically developed for customer service

To achieve all of the above capabilities, look for an AI-based customer service journey orchestration tool that can complement your existing AI platform by taking the information about the issue your existing channel has collected (e.g over chat) and driving the journey on this channel until resolution is reached.

Try to hire a platform that was specifically designed and developed for customer service challenges and comes as an out-of-the-box solution for your team to use and get all your channels to perform as “resolution engines”.

Achieving the target would mean that all your self-service channels perform, resolution wise, as agent-based channels and your agent-based channels perform consistently in par with your most brilliant agents or even outperform them.

Gartner designated Roojoom as Cool Vendor!

Gartner designated Roojoom a “2020 Cool Vendor in AI for Customer Analytics” (Report available for Gartner subscribers)

Roojoom’s approach to AI-based customer Journey Orchestration is acknowledged as unique in this new space where customer journey capabilities have different requirements from different vendors. What is clear and certain is the accelerated interest and investment brands are allocating to AI. The publication shares key findings and recommendations from Gartner’s 2020 Customer Experience Innovation Survey. 

Roojoom is one of the “Born AI” startups Gartner is highlighting as “cool”. 

Roojoom has taken a different approach to customer engagement journeys, whereby AI-based optimization of business goals is driving individual customer journeys with cross-channel, proactive and continuous engagements that can utilize auto-generated personal mini-sites in real time.

The Roojoom concept, where CX executives and marketers can focus on what they want to achieve (the business goals), while having AI carry out the how (drive personal customer journeys) is mentioned to be highly valued for organizations that have clearly outlined their understanding of the customer journey milestones. We can offer industry best practices and help defining the actions that could make the difference to customers.

The other use case where cross-channel, continuous from issue to resolution journeys are showing great value, is customer support journeys for ‘troubleshoot & resolve” technical or commercial issues. Roojoom’s AI enables service channels to become “resolution capable” and accelerates journeys to resolution.

Decreasing Average Handling Time and improving resolution rates, Roojoom creates sustainable digital acceleration as well as enhances contact-center employees’ performance. The solution is modular and can be applied (quickly!) in parts for different channels.

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The IT-free customer service journey orchestration

Customer service journeys are constantly changing and evolving as service providers add new services, as well as, various service channels for customers to choose from. Journey orchestration mandates constant improvement as insights and analytics provide a wider understanding of the best support flows and indicate possible journey “roadblocks”requiring an adjustment or a quick fix.

Changes to customer service journeys may happen on a daily or even hourly basis – depending on system indications that alert customer service operations teams on a repeating journey issue, or given specific journey improvements or expansions that the CS operations team would like to implement to the journey.

Choosing the right platform

Would these frequent changes require a dedicated IT or developers team, for coding adjustments to the customer service journeys? In many cases, the answer will be yes. But it doesn’t have to be.

A good journey orchestration platform will not only enable you to run personalized customer service journeys across channels from issue to resolutions, but it will also allow your CS operations team to be self-sufficient by designing journey flows and implementing changes to these flows without having any coding capabilities or developers involved.  

On top of basic flows, an IT-free AI-based platform that enhances personalized journeys by fast-forwarding to resolution, is an “out-of-the-box” solution which also gives CS operations teams full autonomy and again, with no need for data science resources involved. 

That way, service providers can cut employees costs, run a more agile and efficient journey management process where journey changes can be quickly deployed, and achieve ongoing performance improvement with no unnecessary delays. 

The IT team in this case will only serve as a support resource to the CS operations team where further assistance is needed, for example: connecting the service provider’s data to the platform’s backend systems via APIs when the platform is initially being deployed, or when new capabilities are added.

But how does it work?

Look for a platform that incorporates the following features and capabilities for a coding-free, IT-free journey management:

  1. ‘Drag and drop’ journey flow design – an intuitive design environment that a trained non-technical CS operations team member could independently master and operate. 
  2. Auto-generated HTML based UX – the user interface is easily created by selecting a template and configuring parameters such as texts and graphics (icons, images, videos and so forth).
  3. UX preview option, for all channels – an immediate preview of the user experience for every channel the solution is built for, including IVR (listen to voice prompts), web for PC/tablet/mobile, chat and agent screen.
  4. Team collaboration – allows the CS operations team to seamlessly collaborate on journey design, journey flow changes and getting those approved and deployed.
  5. An “out-of-the-box” AI solution – a ‘ready to use’ robust optimization capability which invokes personal AI engines to optimize journeys and fast-forward to resolution.
  6. Quick turnaround for journey edits– journey edits that can be deployed and ‘go live’ within only a few hours. 
  7. Journey import – the ability to import existing customer service journeys from other systems or design tools into the platform. 

The vision of solely having your customer service operations team design and manage customer service journeys, while constantly optimizing the experience for your customers can be achieved by adopting a journey orchestration platform that is specifically designed to serve this purpose. 

When you and your team have full flexibility to easily manage and optimize complex customer service journeys across channels and reach resolution in minimum time and effort – you know you have found the right platform.

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