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The IT-free customer service journey orchestration

Customer service journeys are constantly changing and evolving as service providers add new services, as well as, various service channels for customers to choose from. Journey orchestration mandates constant improvement as insights and analytics provide a wider understanding of the best support flows and indicate possible journey “roadblocks”requiring an adjustment or a quick fix.

Changes to customer service journeys may happen on a daily or even hourly basis – depending on system indications that alert customer service operations teams on a repeating journey issue, or given specific journey improvements or expansions that the CS operations team would like to implement to the journey.

Choosing the right platform

Would these frequent changes require a dedicated IT or developers team, for coding adjustments to the customer service journeys? In many cases, the answer will be yes. But it doesn’t have to be.

A good journey orchestration platform will not only enable you to run personalized customer service journeys across channels from issue to resolutions, but it will also allow your CS operations team to be self-sufficient by designing journey flows and implementing changes to these flows without having any coding capabilities or developers involved.  

On top of basic flows, an IT-free AI-based platform that enhances personalized journeys by fast-forwarding to resolution, is an “out-of-the-box” solution which also gives CS operations teams full autonomy and again, with no need for data science resources involved. 

That way, service providers can cut employees costs, run a more agile and efficient journey management process where journey changes can be quickly deployed, and achieve ongoing performance improvement with no unnecessary delays. 

The IT team in this case will only serve as a support resource to the CS operations team where further assistance is needed, for example: connecting the service provider’s data to the platform’s backend systems via APIs when the platform is initially being deployed, or when new capabilities are added.

But how does it work?

Look for a platform that incorporates the following features and capabilities for a coding-free, IT-free journey management:

  1. ‘Drag and drop’ journey flow design – an intuitive design environment that a trained non-technical CS operations team member could independently master and operate. 
  2. Auto-generated HTML based UX – the user interface is easily created by selecting a template and configuring parameters such as texts and graphics (icons, images, videos and so forth).
  3. UX preview option, for all channels – an immediate preview of the user experience for every channel the solution is built for, including IVR (listen to voice prompts), web for PC/tablet/mobile, chat and agent screen.
  4. Team collaboration – allows the CS operations team to seamlessly collaborate on journey design, journey flow changes and getting those approved and deployed.
  5. An “out-of-the-box” AI solution – a ‘ready to use’ robust optimization capability which invokes personal AI engines to optimize journeys and fast-forward to resolution.
  6. Quick turnaround for journey edits– journey edits that can be deployed and ‘go live’ within only a few hours. 
  7. Journey import – the ability to import existing customer service journeys from other systems or design tools into the platform. 

The vision of solely having your customer service operations team design and manage customer service journeys, while constantly optimizing the experience for your customers can be achieved by adopting a journey orchestration platform that is specifically designed to serve this purpose. 

When you and your team have full flexibility to easily manage and optimize complex customer service journeys across channels and reach resolution in minimum time and effort – you know you have found the right platform.

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